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Our puppies are exposed to both gunfire and bird scent very early to help ensure that the pup you choose will be bold in the field. "Knocking" and chasing pen-raised quail starts after weaning. We also expose the pups to household experiences to help round them out. Additionally, they are run afoot in the hunting field to establish their range and pattern.

Doc's grandson, Gregory, sure knows the right way to socialize new puppies

We worm our pups on a regular bi-weekly program during their first 8 weeks of age and begin their shots against distemper, parvo, etc.

The photos showing interaction between the pups and our family are very significant. These youngsters are socializing with people at a very young age — and "imprinting" on people for a lifetime.

Our pups will be exposed to people, grass, blank pistols, young quail and daily handling including sweet talk and whistle blasts daily.

Every effort is made to produce "super pups" with the right stuff to make fine gun dogs.

If our program to produce fine gun dogs appeals to you, please contact us for information on pricing, deposits, etc. Our goal is to deliver the best gun dogs in Texas.

Call us at 903-441-6084.

Walking the Pups

Here's where early contact of pups with people and birds pays off. By walking and calling the pups, they start early on to pay attention and handle kindly. As they mature, they will learn to lead and come when called.


All of this conditioning and socializing prevents the "Isolated Dog" Syndrome that leads to fearful dogs. Our goal is to produce bold individuals ready to hunt with wild abandon and effectiveness.

John Rex Gates and Joe Simmons

Hall of Fame handler John Rex Gates and my hunting pard Joe Simmons, show two future sires for our breeding program.  

These Tri-Color English Setter pups are littermates from John Rex's National Champion breeding of Ch. Shadow Oak Bo to a classy daughter of Ch. Hytest Sky Hawk.

These two bid well to join our list of future kennel sires... stay tuned for early pics of their training days.

Jim Davis

2914 Lancer Rd

Greenville, Texas 75401


All prices quoted are for pick-up
at my kennel.


JUNE 1, 2021

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