These dogs are stanch on point, letting the gunners flush the birds. They have learned where to find wild birds and how to hunt in front of the gun and handle kindly. They are E-collar condiltioned and biddable. Their range is described. These dogs have had an excellent summer training in North Dakota, where a fabulous time was had by all on wild pheasant and prairie grouse. They were extensively hunted in West Texas last winter on wild quail. These dogs point, back (honor) and retrieve, and several are steady to wing and shot.

Pricing: All dogs are priced to reflect their hunting abilities — call me for more info at 903-441-6084.   



Four-year-old fully broke bird finder for the most demanding owner. He's stylish, driven and will go until he finds birds. Solid white dog with orange markings.

Call me on this steady-to-wing and -shot champ!


Jack is a black and white pointer male with outstanding nose. A real covey dog -- he goes until birds stop him. He's a wide-ranging covey finder with good retrieving skills and manners -- he backs on sight. Another brag dog!

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JUNE 1, 2021