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This group of dogs are our "stock-in-trade", so to speak. They are all prime dogs from some of the finest bloodlines in the US. All are excellent hunters with years of field experience. The pups these dogs whelp are second-to-none and are well known and respected in the world of bird hunting dogs.

English Pointers


Rowdy White Tank

Rowdy White Tank

This big (55 lb) liver & white, rugged Elhew pointer is a bird hunter's dream.  His wide range and determination to find birds make him the top covey finder in our guiding string. He was a natural since the first day of training and then — he got better! 

His individuality and strong Elhew–Hook's Bounty Hunter bloodlines make him a top choice as a sire.

He'll be bred to a few select gun dogs this spring to get South Texas covey dogs.


Tebow represents the best in Pointer breeding with lots of Elhew and Hook's Bounty Hunter crosses. He's a fully broke West Texas Quail Dog and Brag Dog!

We expect a litter from him and our Peregrine's Jersey in November 2017. 

Peregrine's Joe


A fine West Texas proven covey dog and sire. Pups from his last litter are making brag dogs in this year of Quail resurgence.  

Joe's bloodlines include Nat'l Ch. Dunn's Fearless Bud as well as many quality Elhew crosses.

We plan to have several breedings of our best matrons to Joe... Stay tuned!




By White Powder Pete, ex a Hard Driving Bev daughter. She's a fifty-pound pointing machine and a close-to-medium ranger.  Her experience on Quail, Pheasant and Grouse is broad and full — from Montana to Texas!

Her first litter produced great hunters and stylists. She's our top brood matron!

English Setters


Peregrine's Bo

English Setters


Peregrine's Bo

Peregrine's Bo

He's a 48-pound covey dog with medium range (75 to 100 yards) and a high cracking tail.

Bred in the purple — Bo is a direct son of National Champion Shadow Oaks Bo out of a fine daughter of Champion Hytest Sky Hawk.

His pups are proving to be outstanding prospects.


Peregrine's Bea


Peregrine's Bea

Bea a is a granddaughter of Champion Hytest Sky Hawk and is in my string of wild quail dogs we use in West Texas. She is a stylish and handy English Setter of close-to-medium range (50 to 100 yards). She's really a pleasure to hunt as she has a natural desire to be in front. Another strong point is her retrieving — very consistent and soft-mouthed.

These traits are all heritable and she now has a beautiful litter by our Peregrine's Bo (son of Nat'l. Ch. Shadow Oak Bo.) Her dam was Peregrine's Jenny, shown above, and her sire carried the Ch. Hytest Sky Hawk bloodline. 

German Shorthaired Pointers




A proven producer of top-quality hunting dogs, 'Tink' is a close-working, natural bird dog. She has been trained on wild birds through the 'old fashioned' plan – carried to the woods at 6 months of age and shot over, as she was born broke...

Call 903-441-6084 to reserve pups now...


Sissy is a medium-range hunter (50–100 yards) of good conformation and size (50 pounds).

She's a strong bird finder and loves to retrieve. These are natural traits of hereditary importance.

Jim Davis

2914 Lancer Rd

Greenville, Texas 75401


All prices quoted are for pick-up
at my kennel.


JUNE 1, 2021

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