These dogs have had a lot of training and show it. They are required to come in when called in the field and "whoa" on command. Their manners around game are more advanced and they have become staunch on point. We also work them on backing another dog's point and retrieving birds to the hunter. All are E-collar conditioned and ready to hunt wild birds.


This group of dogs are gun-broke and ready to hunt. They have been shot over since weaning age and have been carefully taught to come when called and some are retrieving shot birds. They are very birdy and are great candidates to start hunting wild birds this fall.

We now have two groups of youngsters, whelped 6/9/19, AKC registered. Very birdy and gun broke. Well socialized, male and female., that are looking very good. Video of the younger litter is available. Both males and females are available.


The best yearling I raised and trained this year. He loves birds and people. Very staunch on point and likes to retrieve naturally. Close- to medium-range ( 50-75 yds.).


She is a litter mate to Ringo above and just as birdy. Also a close- to medium-ranger, very staunch on oint and is a natural retriever. Very easy-going dog that likes people.

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October 18, 2020