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These dogs have had a lot of training and show it. They are required to come in when called in the field and "whoa" on command. Their manners around game are more advanced and they have become staunch on point. We also work them on backing another dog's point and retrieving birds to the hunter. All are E-collar conditioned and ready to hunt wild birds.

Pricing: All dogs are priced to reflect their hunting abilities — call me for more info at 903-441-6084.  

English Pointers


Whelped 10-16-21. Ransom, Redrum, Honkey Tonk breeding. They sparkle! These youngsters are pointing birds, learning HERE and WHOA commands and are shot over when their birds are flushed. Well started males available.


Whelped 10-16-2021. Littermate to Sonny (below) and coming along well on pointing and retrieving. Gunbroke, E-collar conditioned and staunch on point. Good candidate for a bird hunter wanting a great nose and shoeleather range — 75 to 150 yards.


He's a good one — stylish and very affectionate — likes to carry shot birds, so he's a likely natural retriever also. Gunbroke, E-collar conditioned and staunch on point. Range 75 to 150 yards.

Jim Davis

2914 Lancer Rd

Greenville, Texas 75401


All prices quoted are for pick-up
at my kennel.


JUNE 1, 2021

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