These dogs have had a lot of training and show it. They are required to come in when called in the field and "whoa" on command. Their manners around game are more advanced and they have become staunch on point. We also work them on backing another dog's point and retrieving birds to the hunter. All are E-collar conditioned and ready to hunt wild birds.

English Pointers

YEARLINGS — 12 to 24 months


Whelped June 2019. He's a bold, young dog with an outstanding nose and very staunch on point. He'll back on sight and is very stylish running and pointing.


Litter mate to Cowboy and just as stylish and birdy with a great nose and hunting desire. Both of these dogs a medium rangers (50-100 yds.).


He's a yearling with high bird drive and nice style running and pointing. Breeding is Honky Tonk, Elhew and Copper. Very biddable and a medium-ranger. Nice natural retriever.

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October 18, 2020