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Blood will out. From some of the finest bloodlines in the US, all of these dogs were excellent hunters, passing their traits to future generations. 

English Pointers


Gateway Twin Fiddles


Our premier prepotent sire, Gateway Twin Fiddles — aka "Mike" — was double Go Boy's Shadow bred and a full younger brother to American Field Dog Stud Book HALL OF FAME CHAMPION Joe Shadow. 


Mike had a record of producing high-styled, classy pups that point early and break-out early. His pups are highly biddable and sweet-natured, making the perfect combination of hunter, competitor, and family member.

Champion Front N' Center

Owner: Frank La Nasa

Isanti, Minnesota

'Buddy' was a prepotent sire strong in Ch. Hook's Bounty Hunter and Ch. Guard Rail bloodlines. His field trial record carried 5 championships on wild birds — Sharptail Grouse and Pheasants.


Hall of Fame breeder Bob Wehle out-crossed his famous Elhew Pointers to noted field champions to strengthen their genes with stamina and endurance. Two of the sires he selected were Ch. Hook's Bounty Hunter and Ch. Guard Rail. Our 'Buddy' was a result of Mr. Wehle's genius. He  carried on the tradition and nicked very well with our Ch. Joe Shadow bloodlines.

Champion Front n' Center
Two Acre Tommygun

Two Acre Tommygun

Sire: Ch. Front N' Center
Dam: Dancing Queen

Fully trained — points, backs and retrieves. Experienced on Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Sharp-tail Grouse, Pheasants and Quail.

One of the finest gun dogs in America, his range was 150-200 yards. He had been hunted extensively in the string of a professional hunting guide in South Texas.

Tommy's photo illustrates his signature style on point — head up and ramrod-straight tail — and he passed this on to his pups.


Peregine's Kate

Peregrine's Kate

English Pointer Female
SIRE:  Gateway Twin Fiddles
DAM:  by CH Chief Honcho (Miller's Chief bloodlines)


She's a natural — that is, she did it all on her own — point, back and retrieve. 

She was bred to Peregrine's Buddy and produced some fine dogs.

Peregrine's Gator

English Pointer Female
SIRE:  Gateway Twin Fiddles
DAM:  by CH Chief Honcho (Miller's Chief)


Gator was a hard-driving, tough West Texas bird-finder. She was as tough as a boot and could fill up a game bag. A younger sister to Kate, above, she carried the same bloodlines and was a proven producer of top quality pups.

Peregrine's Gator
Peregrine's Gypsy

Peregrine's Gypsy

English Pointer female — Strong Elhew bloodlines

Whelped: 9/17/2008

Sire: Apache Elhew Wolf 
Dam: Elhew Blue Stone

Gypsy was an outstanding gun dog in every way and a brood matron for our kennel. She was steady to wing and shot, and was a dedicated force-broke retriever. She showed the extreme style typical of her Elhew breeding, both running and on point. 

A dog's style and carriage is evident during 80% of the time devoted to hunting. Most dog men know the pleasure of watching a classy hunter and Gypsy was easy on the eyes.

Two Acre Jersey Girl

Sire: Ch. Front 'N Center
Dam: Dancing Queen

Jersey was a littermate to Tommy (above) and was just as experienced in every department. Her range was closer, up to 100 yards.  

She was the ultimate foot-hunting dog — ideal for a shooting preserve or ATV work in South Texas.

Two Acre Jersey Girl

English Setters


Peregrine's Jenny

Peregrine's Jenny

FDSB Registered English Setter Female, Orange and solid White and ticked

Her breeding: Cactus Jet Rex ex Cactus Jet Groovy (NBHA Region 7 Dog of the Year for 2009).

Jenny was a close-to-medium-range, bird-finding, foot-hunting dog. She was been trained on wild Pheasant in North Dakota and was steady to wing and shot.

German Shorthaired Pointers

Sax Man

A registered German Shorthair Pointer, he was an outstanding covey finder and had plenty of range in front of an ATV or afoot. His usual range was medium-wide (100-150 yards).  So, compared to many Shorthairs, he ran plenty big. Add to this his ability to find coveys and singles, and his backing on sight. His retrieving was first-class, often showing up with a dead bird that nobody realized they hit.


Sax Man

Jim Davis

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Greenville, Texas 75401


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JUNE 1, 2021

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