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We start youngsters at 3 to 4 months of age and include them in this category through 12 months old. We fire over their pointed birds early with a blank pistol and later with the shotgun.

Much of this work uses planted pigeons and pen-raised quail. We break the dogs to lead and come here, become staunch on planted birds and prevent gunshyness through proper conditioning. We encourage natural retrieving.


This group includes yearlings — 12 to 24 months — and derbies — 24 to 36 months. 

These dogs have had a lot of training and show it. They are required to come in when called in the field and "whoa" on command. Their manners around game are more advanced and they have become staunch on point. We also work them on backing another dog's point and retrieving birds to the hunter. All are E-collar conditioned and ready to hunt wild birds.

These definitions are minimum requirements. However, it is important to remember that all dogs occasionally backslide. They are corrected to improve their performance while leaving all the youngster's fire and desire intact. Their further training will occur in the field hunting wild birds. When they learn to find and handle wild birds, they can be called finished dogs.


This group has been hunted on wild birds and have learned to find and handle them. This takes considerable "ground time" before field training is complete. To watch this happen and develop is the true joy of the real dog man.

These dogs are priced according to their abilities and training level. Call me to discuss individual dogs — to include their strong points and any deficiencies; and good hunting!

Jim Davis

2914 Lancer Rd

Greenville, Texas 75401


All prices quoted are for pick-up
at my kennel.


JUNE 1, 2021

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