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Jim Davis

2914 Lancer Road


Texas 75401




Shoeleather Gun Dogs

an introduction by

James Davis, DVM, retired

We offer easy handling gun dogs that hunt for you. They have been E-collar conditioned and it is easy for their new owners to control them. In the old days, the term 'meat dog' meant the type of dog used by foot-hunters. Today, our Texas Gun Dogs are still biddable but also have all the style and class of the highest type of 'gentleman's gun dog'. 

A dog's range can be described as close (25-50 yards), medium (50-150 yards) or wide (150+ yards). We offer "shoeleather" gun dogs and describe their range accurately.

Those dogs that will range out to 150 yards and further tend to make the best ATV or "Mule (Kawasaki)" candidates. We do not breed the 'field trialers' that range on out to infinity.

To have a 'bragging rights' gun dog, we start our pups on wild quail in West Texas. As they mature, our training extends to the Dakotas where they are finished on wild Pheasants and Prairie Grouse.


Outstanding bird finding and handling are hallmarks of our Texas Gun Dogs. Our training program is designed around wild birds to yield Brag Dogs.

A small sample of our hunting and training area in North Dakota. It's a tough life, but somebody's gotta do it.

Jim Davis

2914 Lancer Rd

Greenville, Texas 75401


All prices quoted are for pick-up
at my kennel.


JUNE 1, 2021

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